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Hog Wild Trap

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April 14, 2014

Launching Hog Wild Traps



American Made

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The Original

Great for farm and ranch feral hog hunting.
Tired of all of the feral hog damage?
This invention allows wild hogs to enter an enclosed area and trap multiple hogs at one time.
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Eradication of wild animals can be very costly to land owners if not taken care of properly.

The original Hog Wild Trap is made of galvanized steel and is rust resistant.

Hog Wild Traps are American made!

There are many hog eradication devices on the market today, but none as innovative as the "Hog Wild Trap." Attributes - door used as rooter style trap or set with trip wire, American made, welded galvanized steel, rust resistant, easy setup, lays flat for transportation, a fraction of the weight versus traditional trap doors.  Patent Pending.